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StarDash Computers promises you friendly, professional service for the lowest price in town!

Wouldn't it be perfect if computers would just work without the spam, spyware, viruses, slowdowns, and all those hassles?

Well, until those perfect computers are invented, StarDash Computers is your best solution to your computer frustrations!

Asking your friend's "computer savvy" nephew for help is probably not the smartest move for your computer and your valuable data, while lugging your computer to an over-priced retail computer shop, who seems to charge you just for pushing the power button, is definitely not the best move for your wallet.

All StarDash Computers technicians promise to treat you with respect and patience while resolving your computer problems professionally and efficiently.  We are confident that, after our service, you will refer your friends to StarDash Computers when they have computer problems!

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256-415-STAR (7827)
Monday-Sunday:     8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.